How to Lose Belly Fat

Losing belly fat is not easy for some women, especially for ladies after pregnancy. Of course, there are some women whose bellies bounce back into shape quicker or easier than others, and there are some factors that help in the process of losing belly fat. Whether the reasons are genetic or dietary, getting rid of fat in the abdominal area is a true pain in the rear-end, especially since most methods of fat reduction involve strenuous exercise regimens, which make women feel uncomfortable, as well as unhealthy fad diets.

Daring and Dangerous Weight Loss Plans

In the bid of getting thinner, women even go so far as to subject themselves to unhealthy and potentially dangerous diet pills and weight-loss drinks, all of which contribute very little to actually losing fat. Rather, such systems cause loss of fluids, not actual fat, which can make losing fat later more difficult. Getting rid of unwanted belly fat isn’t easy though, especially since belly fat isn’t the same as regular fat which is found all throughout your body. There are even fats found forming around your arteries.

Regular fat, which is found all throughout the body, is more readily burned off with enough vigorous physical activity, lots of water intake and healthy foods, but belly fat is visceral fat – a type of deep-seated fat that is difficult to burn.

Visceral Fat and Losing Weight

Visceral fat is a necessity, especially since it acts as a cushion that cradles the body in between vital organs and helps to prevent injuries. However, improper diet, bad habits, and even a wonderful and natural thing such as childbirth can result in an excessive production and accumulation of visceral fat.

In a nutshell, the family’s genes of women play a large role in the accumulation of belly fat after delivery, as well as diet and exercise, or lack of exercise. These can make it extremely hard to burn belly fat after pregnancy.

Understanding the Best Way to Lose Belly Fat – Good Health is Paramount

It needs to be understood that not all belly fat should be considered evil, or bad. In fact, having a toned, flat stomach with killer abs isn’t always an indication of good health, and may for all respects and purposes be merely aesthetic. If you’re looking to burn belly fat, then crash dieting, fad exercise regimens, diet pills, and expensive ‘fat burning’ gadgetry and gizmos aren’t really all that beneficial.

In fact, getting rid of belly fat is easy, if you follow a well-balanced approach that covers all aspects of physical health. There are generally three areas of consideration that needs to be understood if you’re keen on shedding pounds and losing weight around the tummy, which can reveal the gorgeous woman that’s been hiding behind unwanted belly fat. These are habit, diet, and practice.

Beneficial Habits for Losing Weight and Belly fat

One of the most detrimental actions that decide the success or failure of losing weight involves habit. Since habit becomes a cornerstone for the formative routine that makes up an average individual’s day. Good habits that are conducive to losing weight will invariably reflect in visible results, while habits which are contrary to weight loss will manifest in kind.

The best way to lose belly fat is a multi-step approach that corrects habit, diet, and practice. While it is generally believed that a focus on diet alone is enough to burn belly fat, or any type of unwanted fat for that matter, no special diet will ever help you with losing weight unless you correct unhealthy habits. Here’s a small start at the best way to lose belly fat, staring with habit correction.

Time your Meals

People tend to eat in bulk, or they tend to eat several large meals all throughout the day. While there is nothing wrong with enjoying food, loading up on food excessively will most certainly bring on the pounds. Instead of eating large meals three times a day, divide them. Smaller, healthier portions of food eaten four or five times throughout the day are actually better for your health.

Not only does this curb hunger, but this also jump-starts your metabolism by allowing your body to better digest and absorb the nutrients of the food you consume. One of the best ways to lose belly fat is to stop the unhealthy habit of eating late at night, such as midnight snacks. Eating foods before bedtime is not good for those wanting to lose weight, as the body will store unused calories as fat easier when sleeping.

Hydrate Yourself

A very little known fact is that the more you keep yourself hydrated, the less you actually eat. Not only is water a necessity for the body, as it helps to carry vital nutrients throughout your bloodstream and cleanse your system of toxins, it is also quite filling. Drinking a glass or two of water prior to every meal ensures that you don’t overeat. Taking ample sips of water throughout your meal also ensures that you are not only ingesting solid foodstuffs, but are being ‘bulked up’ by water, which, of course has zero calories and fat.

Don’t Skip Breakfast

breakfast omelete

While this sounds like a cliché, people who have a tendency to make a habit of skipping breakfast actually eat more food throughout the day, especially during the evening, which tends to result in more weight gain and accumulation of belly fat.

Consuming a hearty breakfast composed of lean proteins, whole grains and a serving of fruit is enough to fill you up and energize you throughout the day.

If your daily breakfast is sizeable, consider dividing it between pre-work breakfast and work-time lunch, subsequently reducing your overall caloric consumption.

Not only do you trick your body into thinking you are full, your metabolism is also jump started and will help you burn more calories throughout the day.

A Healthy Diet – The Best Way to Lose Belly Fat

Diet comes second after habit, but is generally considered first when talking about weight loss. A lot of people fall prey to fad diets and ‘quick weight loss solutions’ that promise near-instantaneous results, which don’t even work. With regards to holistic dieting however, the key phrase to understand is that you do not go on a diet, but rather that you adjust your diet so it works for you.

Consider incorporating the following into your regular daily diet:

Whole grains

Instead of consuming a bulk of refined grains, opt for whole, unrefined grains like oats, quinoa, spelt, brown rice, black rice, sorghum, or mixed grains composed of any of the following. Not only are whole grains chock-full of fiber, which helps to make you feel fuller, these also take longer to digest, making you feel satiated for longer periods of time.


This nutritional powerhouse not only boasts of being full of good antioxidants that help to relieve stress and boost your immune system, it is also known to help boost the metabolism and promotes fat burning. Consider opting for tea in place of your regular cup of java, although be sure to opt for the whole-leaf varieties and do away with the sugar.

While green or black tea are obvious choices for your daily dose of happiness-inducing theanine and healthful antioxidants, consider opting for oolong tea or pu’erh tea instead. Both of which are renowned in Traditional Chinese Medicine, for being able to help burn unwanted fats, for boosting the metabolism, and for aiding in the efficiency of digestion and nutrient-assimilation.


If the majority of your meals consist of solid foods, consider replacing the bulk of your meal with hearty, home-made soup-based dishes. Not only will soup solve your craving for something hearty, flavorful and savory, it will also fill you up faster if eaten along with a modest meal, much like water. Because soup contains very little in the way of calories, it means you’ll be able to feel full without gaining weight.

If you’re looking for more efficient fat-burning, integrate ginger, turmeric, and chilies into your soup dishes, as these spices are well-known for boosting the metabolism and helping in burning belly fat.


Everybody loves dessert, but sadly, most desserts nowadays tend to be of the sugar and preservative-laden sort, none of which are beneficial to health or helpful with regards to weight loss. If you’re looking for a healthier alternative to your regular dessert fare, consider opting for fruits that are high in soluble fiber like pears, peaches, apples, raisins, dates, and prunes.

Not only will these curb your sweet tooth, they are also rich in essential vitamins and trace minerals. These fruits are also rich in fiber, which not only help with digestion, but also hasten your metabolism.


Be sure to not skimp on proteins if you’re looking for ways to get rid of your belly fat. Not only is a predominantly protein-based diet scientifically proven to help you shed those unwanted pounds, protein-rich foods are also energy powerhouses. However, not all protein-rich foods are weight-loss friendly. Always opt for lean proteins with very little fat. Sea food rich in healthy fats like Omega-3 and Omega-6, such as salmon, tuna, mackerel, halibut and trout are great protein sources that are healthy for you.

Almost all seafood, with the exception of fatty fish, makes for great sources of lean protein. Eggs and the occasional poultry are also great choices, and makes for a wonderful way to vary your diet.



Generally comprises the physical activity that you undertake as a general ‘backup’ of your overall habitual and dietary choices. Just as there are fad diets, there are fad exercises that promise amazing results with very little effort, but don’t really work. Instead, tried and tested methods are always better than hollow possibilities, so consider the following:


While cardio exercises are strenuous, they help to burn belly fat fast by targeting areas where fat tends to accumulate. Cardiovascular exercises coupled with strenuous aerobics not only help to burn belly fat, it also improves heart health, boosts the immune system, and elevates your mood.

Try to keep your cardio workout fun.  Running is not the only cardio exercise you can do.  Mix it up with high speed bicycling or a kayak workout on a lake.


While you’re not vying to participate in weight lifting competitions, incorporating weights into your exercise regimen helps to tone muscles which will help burn belly fat faster. Added targeted exercise like sit-ups and squats will help to tone mid body so that you appear leaner and fitter.

Tai-chi / Yoga

Consider learning either tai-chi or yoga. Not only are these activities healthy and rejuvenating, they are also well-known for being able to effectively relieve stress. Not only is stress associated with weight gain, but also a number of other diseases. Yoga and tai-chi help to tone the body, reduce stress, regulate heart-rate and breathing, as well as promote a sense of inner calm – a must have in today’s stress-laden world.

Think that losing unwanted belly fat after pregnancy is too difficult or impossible? It isn’t. Try the best way to lose belly fat, follow this guide and redefine your lifestyle. Say goodbye to belly fat today, you can do it with healthy eating habits, hydration, and exercise.

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