April 5, 2016

4 Primary Uses of Horny Goat Weed

The horny goat weed, Epimedium or Yin Yang Huo used to be an unknown herb that grows wildly in China and other parts of Asia. However, […]
March 3, 2016

10 Benefits of Epimedium Extract

What is Epimedium Extract? Epimedium is a plant that comes from the botanical family ‘Berberidaceae’. This plant is mostly found in China, with some present in […]
February 26, 2016

Chamomile Flower, Extract, Uses and Benefits

Chamomile was originally discovered by an English Botanist at the Roman Coliseum during the 1600’s. In total, there are three flowers which are referred to as […]
February 26, 2016

Valerian Root and its Benefits

First used as medicine in ancient Greece and Rome for centuries and now used to treat a variety of ailments, the Valerian herb is native to […]
February 26, 2016

Melatonin: The Natural Pacemaker

Have you ever wondered why your body is naturally awake during the day and asleep during the night? Can the body tell day from night? The […]
February 26, 2016

Ginseng – The Plant That Gives Back

Founded in the mountains of Manchuria, China over 5,000 years ago, Panax ginseng quickly became popularly known for its ability to supply those who eat it […]
February 26, 2016

L-arginine: A Biological Necessity

L-arginine is an amino acid which the body needs in order to make proteins, as well as providing a number of other benefits. It is commonly […]
February 26, 2016

Maca Root — What Makes it a Superfood?

The maca root is scientifically known as Lepidium meyenii and was found in the Andes, particularly in the Meseta of BomBom, close to Junin Lake. It […]